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The Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week

Losing weight fast for upcoming events can be challenging especially when you are short on time. If you are one of those people who untag themselves from facebook pictures because you don’t like the way you look and want to lose weight quick, you will have to make some sacrifices and put in some effort. Rather than living in denial and ignoring weight problems, it is better to accept it and begin work at them.

So, some fat-torching ways are explained in the following which can help you lose weight in as short as a week to look great for upcoming occasions and events. These ways will help you lose weight without starving yourself with the aid of safe and efficient dietary supplement called Phen24. It has a revolutionary formula which will make weight shedding a day and night process; where you shed weight even during sleeping. These dietary pills will be essential if you wish to lose weight in a week. http://phen24-review.com

Water should be your main drink

Water sounds boring but you will need to avoid the excess calories from drinking high calorie drinks like beers, fruit smoothies and energy drinks. These drinks contain carbohydrates and sodium which have water retention properties and can increase your water weight, and puff you up. Other than this they are a waste as they are not as satisfying as food with same amount of calories.
On the other hand, water has almost no sodium, zero calories and carbohydrates which makes it the perfect drink to slim yourself down.  Water increases your metabolism which causes fat to burn, flushes out the waste in the body and contributes to weight loss by decreasing water weight. If you find it too boring you can add flavors to it but make sure to avoid artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Half an hour Cardio a day

No matter what methods you use, you won’t lose weight if you don’t get your body moving. The body sheds calories when you work out as the heart rate goes up. This is the key to lose weight fast and long-lastingly. More effective will be to do a cardio routine that involved moving multiple muscles at the same time. Examples of such good cardio routines are kick-boxing, skipping rope and spinning. Giving thirty minutes to such cardio routines will burn from 200 to 300 calories and will also tone your arms, legs plus core making you look sleeker. You may increase the time of your cardio exercises depending on your fitness levels but thirty minutes are said as a general rule.

Sleep a little more

This may be your favourite way to lose weight till now.  This will be pleasant news for all the sleep lovers, as they can enjoy sleeping about thirty minutes more than their usual sleeping time. The purpose is to make you more relaxed and refreshed than you usually are when you wake up. Feeling better, a person is likely to make better food choices and won’t feel too tired or fatigued to go to the gym. Sleep deprivation is very unhealthy for a person. However, quality sleep boosts your metabolism and since the body develops muscles while being asleep, it will help you get lean and toned. While getting more sleep, Phen24 pills can further assist you in losing weight as it causes fat burning even when asleep.

Plan your diet for the week
You can boost your chances of losing weight in a week by organizing a diet schedule for yourself. You will need to structure your disorganized and chaotic diet. Planning and organizing your diet will give you a daily calorie count and budget and prevent over eating. It will also ease you out by predetermining what you have to eat so that you won’t have to make decisions about it daily. You should also have a schedule to your meals and not eat more than the three normal meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, namely. That means saying no to brunch or midnight snacks. You can and should have a wholesome breakfast but try to reduce the size of your meals for lunch and dinner.

Ditch all white-grain products

White grain food causes bloating especially around the belly. You will need to ban spaghetti, white rice, sandwich rolls, bread, pasta and etc. from your diet. Cutting them out will instantly slim you down as you will be safe from their simple fats. These simple fats are digested very quickly, leaving you hungry and likely to eat more. You should replace them with vegetables instead, which offer nutrition and have complex carbs. These complex carbs of vegetables are slower to digest and your stomach stays filled for longer. Also, the water content in the vegetables will help you flush out the excess water in the body.

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